Seattle Real Estate Photography is a professional photography and design service provided by Seattle area photographer Maxwell Balmain.

A working professional for over twenty years, Maxwell Balmain has extensive experience in editorial and commercial photography. Editorial work includes staff newspaper photographer positions on both coasts plus freelance news & magazine work. Credits include the New York Times, New York Daily News, Business Week, Tennis Magazine, Polo, Runners World, The National, Toronto Star, London Times and others.

Max has always worked in the commercial world, photographing corporate portraits, industry catalogs, annual reports and images for the web. Clients include Swedish Medical Center, Microsoft, Windermere and a variety of smaller local businesses.

With experience in all the popular film formats (35mm, medium format, 4x5 large format and medium format 6x17 panoramic), Max has been a hands on witness to the dramatic evolution of the trade. Currently most work is done with full frame digital Canon SLR cameras and three professional Canon Tilt-Shift TSE lenses.

Home Listing Samples

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Sometimes individual home galleries (produced from a single home listing) can tell more about a real estate photographer's skill and approach than a single "highlight" folder comprised from years of work...

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