Photography and Design Services

Photography and Design Services


Homes come in all styles and sizes. Experience dictates that a "one price fits all" fee does not serve the business or clients well. Most real estate photography has a short "shelf life", usually only as long as the property stays on the market. Photography fees reflect this fact. The following price list is for real estate listings. Editorial, brochure, commercial or any longer shelf life project fees will need to be determined beforehand. A solid working professional relationship is always the main goal.

Here are some pricing guidelines:

  • Single-story house or condominium: $200.
  • Additional floors (upper bedroom level, finished basement, finished attic etc): $50 per level.
  • Additional site visits for sunset/twilight/clear views etc: $100.
  • Large, upscale homes that require additional lighting and time will be charged at a fixed rate of $125 per hour.
  • Projects farther away than 30 minutes from the center of Seattle may require an additional travel fee.
  • Basically most homes come in at around $250 or so. Large multi level homes with view decks cost more as the image count goes up.

Floor Plans

An attractive, informative addition is the creation of floor plan diagrams that accompany each photo. Each room is carefully measured to create a floor plan for each level within the home. Camera positioning arrows then illustrate the camera position and angle of view. This helps give online viewers a real sense of a property's scale and the relationship of one room to another.

  • Floor plan creation fee for most homes: $100.
  • Large, upscale homes with complicated designs will be charged at a fixed rate of $100 per hour.

Web Design

Custom websites can be created for real estate professionals, designers, architects, and builders, etc. A custom site can also be created for each listing. Individual listing sites can help market the home and create a favorable impression on the seller. More in depth custom sites can also be built using a Content Management System (CMS). The best procedure for web design services is to have a initial design consultation.

  • Unique web design templates.
  • Custom web banners.
  • Staff portraits.
  • Custom image galleries.
  • Access to professional services including computer services, domains, creative copy writing, and home staging design.

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Home Listing Samples

home samples illustration

Sometimes individual home galleries (produced from a single home listing) can tell more about a real estate photographer's skill and approach than a single "highlight" folder comprised from years of work...

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