Samples from a varity of real estate client photography projects

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Home Listing Samples

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Sometimes individual home galleries (produced from a single home listing) can tell more about a real estate photographer's skill and approach than a single "highlight" folder comprised from years of work...

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Articles & More

  • Technique

    When it comes to photographic technique the options are endless, even with professional speciality areas like real estate photography...

  • Real Estate Photography 101

    High end architectural photography is a meticulous and painfully slow process. Not to mention expensive! Some regard real estate work as architectural photography's poor cousin. Of course there is a sensible middle ground here: professional photography services without breaking the bank...

  • The Tripod

    The TRIPOD: yes it slows down the work, but there is no more vital piece of equipment in the photographer's kit than the tripod...

  • Why Tilt-Shift lenses?

    Does your real estate photographer use Tilt-Shift lenses? These fancy optics cost a small fortune. Here is why they are worth every penny...